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Parliamentary committee calls for shutdown of Worldcoin in Kenya
- Cointelegraph By Turner Wright

The committee’s recommendations included having the Kenyan government consider implementing a comprehensive framework for digital assets and virtual asset service providers. Read More

Bankrupt CeFi firm Haru Invest hints at asset recovery
- Cointelegraph By Zhiyuan Sun

No specific timeline was given as to when users can receive their money back. Read More

Tether treasury receives two $50M USDT lump sums from Bitfinex
- Cointelegraph By Savannah Fortis

Two transactions showed lump sums of $50 million in USDT transferred from Bitfinex to the Tether treasury only a few minutes apart. Read More

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Grayscale Ethereum Trust Seeks SEC Approval to Convert to Spot ETF
- Diego Almada Lopez

Grayscale seeks SEC approval to convert $5B Ethereum Trust into spot ETF, advancing Ether further into regulatory perimeter. Read More

Three Arrows Co-founder Su Zhu Arrested in Singapore
- Diego Almada Lopez

3AC co-founder Su Zhu was sentenced to 4 months in a Singapore prison while his partner is still evading authorities. Read More

SEC Rushes Ethereum Futures ETF Approvals Before Government Shutdown
- Diego Almada Lopez

Ethereum futures ETFs from Valkyrie, VanEck, ProShares and more expected to start trading next week as SEC rushes approvals before shutdown. Read More

Bitcoin Begins Its Ascent, But Stops At The High Of $28,204
- coinidol.com By Coin Idol

Cryptocurrency analysts of Coinidol.com report, Bitcoin (BTC) price has resumed its climb after rising above the moving average lines on September 28. Read More

Solana Outperforms Resistance But Remains Below $22.00 High
- coinidol.com By Coin Idol

The latest price analysis by Coinidol.com report, the price of Solana (SOL) has broken above resistance at $20.50, while buyers are targeting the high of $22. Read More

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Prices Hold Steady as Bitcoin make Strong Comeback
- coinidol.com By Coin Idol

Weekly cryptocurrency analysis of Curve DAO Token, Pepe, Chainlink, Maker and Theta Network brought to you by Coinidol.com. Read More

US Government Frames Bitcoin Privacy As “Criminal”
- L0la L33tz

New court documents reveal that the US government frames the use of blockchain analysis countermeasures as “criminal”. Read More

Elon Musk Calls Fiat Currency A Scam
- Nik Hoffman

Musk's comment adds fuel to the ongoing debate about the role of Bitcoin in challenging traditional financial systems. Read More

Buy Love, Sell Fear
- Max Keiser

From “The Withdrawal Issue”, Max Keiser takes readers on a 1980s fiat noir adventure in New York City, chronicling the exuberant high of the bull market pumped up with freshly… Read More

Coinbase Increases Bond Buyback Limit By $30 Million
- Aditya Anand

Crypto exchange Coinbase has increased its bond buy back limit from $150 million to $180 million. Read More

Judge In Coinbase Case Threw Out Uniswap Lawsuit
- Naga Avan-Nomayo

SDNY Judge Katherine Polk Failla ruled that the “self-driving” software Uniswap was not responsible for losses users suffered due to scams and ponzis. Judge Failla who threw out the lawsuit… Read More

Binance To Phase Out BUSD By 2024
- Naga Avan-Nomayo

Binance encouraged eligible users to convert their BUSD assets to other stablecoins before February 2024. The exchange added that Binance-Peg BUSD token withdrawals via BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Tron… Read More

Bitcoin, Solana products lead first crypto investment inflow since mid-August
- Oluwapelumi Adejumo

Crypto investment products have recorded their first inflows since mid-August, as $21 million flowed into these products in the past week. CoinShares analyst James Butterfill said the inflows were a… Read More

Decentralized exchange volumes slump for six months to lowest levels since January 2021
- Oluwapelumi Adejumo

Trading volumes on decentralized exchanges (DEX) have slumped for six consecutive months to their lowest levels since January 2021. Volume on DEXs decreased to $44.28 billion in September, the sixth… Read More

Bitcoin’s surge to $28k leads to $114M in liquidations in 24 hours
- Andjela Radmilac

The crypto market witnessed a tumultuous 24 hours between Oct. 1 and 2, seeing a massive liquidation spike. Around 85% of these liquidations were short positions, translating to $97.73 million… Read More

XRP Price Disappoints: Crypto Analyst Reveals Why He Will No Longer Accumulate
- Scott Matherson

The sentiment around the XRP price has been mostly bullish lately with numerous predictions coming through for a potential rally. However, not everyone has joined the bull bandwagon after being… Read More

Chainlink Signal That Preceded Crashes Of 34% Is Back
- Hououin Kyouma

An on-chain signal that preceded crashes of at least 34% for Chainlink in the past has once again formed for the cryptocurrency. Chainlink 30-Day MVRV Ratio Recently Hit The 20%… Read More

Optimism (OP) Climbs 6% A Day As Crypto Market Rebounds, What’s Next?
- Kent Glory

Optimism (OP) has posted notable gains today, October 2, trading at $1.45, with a 5% increase in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, its price has gained 15% in the last… Read More

- Charles Thuo

Grayscale is seeking for SEC’s approval to convert its Ethereum Trust to an Ethereum ETF. Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust manages nearly $5 billion in Ethereum assets. Transition to spot ETF offers… Read More

- Charles Thuo

SEC takes legal action against Prager Metis, auditor of bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. Prager Metis is accused of breaching auditor independence rules by adding indemnification provisions. Lack of transparency and… Read More

- News Team

The crypto market, characterized by its volatility, often witnesses unprecedented surges and sudden declines. However, the recent uncertainty surrounding Ripple’s XRP has shaken the very foundations of the crypto community.… Read More

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